Creator Studio

πŸ“£Β 12ft x 10ft Green Key Studio with AC
πŸ“£Β Editing Studio with Preview Space
πŸ“£Β 08 Hours Call Sheet
πŸ“£Β Full HD Video Capture with Editing Desk


πŸ“£Β Stereo Sound Recording with Editing Desk
πŸ“£ Makeup Room
πŸ“£ Powder Room

Studio Specifications

Studio System
Video Recording πŸ“£ 01no Panasonic AG-UX180 Camera
Audio πŸ“£ 01no Studio Cardioid Condenser Microphone - BY-M800

πŸ“£ 01no Professional Microphone Isolation Shield, Pop Filter, Studio Mic Sound Absorbing Foam Reflector

πŸ“£ 01no Single Lavalier Microphone

πŸ“£ 01no Double Lavalier Microphone

πŸ“£ Basic Studio Key Lighting System

πŸ“£ 01no Monitor Speaker Speaker

πŸ“£ 02nos Monitor Headphone with Pre AMP
Display πŸ“£ 01no 42" Preview Screen Display

πŸ“£ 01no 42" Prompt Screen Display

πŸ“£ Teleprompter software
Editing Desk
Hardware πŸ“£ Processor: Intel i7 11th Gen

πŸ“£ Graphic Card: Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTXβ„’ 3060 V2 12GB

πŸ“£ RAM: 32GB DDR4

πŸ“£ Display: Triple screen
Audio & Video Input πŸ“£ Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 sound card

πŸ“£ BlackMagic Decklink Mini capture card
Softwares πŸ“£ Adobe Photoshop

πŸ“£ Adobe Illustrator

πŸ“£ Adobe Premiere Pro

πŸ“£ Adobe After Effects

πŸ“£ Adobe Audition

πŸ“£ Adobe Media Encoder

πŸ“£ Audacity

πŸ“£ Microsoft Office
Common Space

Waiting Lounge



Generator Power ( Additional Cost )


Studio 08 Hours Rate

Rs. 25,000.00

Additional Hour

Rs. 2,500.00

Generator with 08 hours Fuel

Rs. 18,000.00

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