Project test 1

About: Curve Up is enthusiastic about providing Learning & Development to a wide audience including students, teachers, leaders and entrepreneurs. They are also the pioneers of Live online tutoring in Sri Lanka with an interactive platform available for everyone

Mission: To provide  high quality Education utilizing the resources and technology of today’s context which will enhance  students knowledge and create a community that utilizes the technology to the development of the economy.

Create a logo that will aspire to the goals and vision behind it’s thinkers. The logo had to be easy to read, bold and digital-friendly as the main source of communication will be, online platforms. The Logo was encapsulated in a circle for uniformity and flexibility, so regardless of where it’s placed it will be prominent. The curved font and circle furthermore makes the branding more friendly and welcoming!

Social media posts with a few animations were created to create a better impact on the audience and grab attention for Curve-Up announcements and functions.