We are always on the global drive for stimulating creative thinking and innovation

Our dedicated team at EMERGE specializes in various fields of translation and interpretation, ensuring seamless communication across diverse domains. From academic research to legal documentation, technical jargon to creative marketing, our professionals excel in bridging linguistic gaps. With meticulous accuracy, we provide services such as web content translation, transcription, subtitling, and more. Our mission is to transform complex information into clear, culturally-sensitive communication, opening doors to new opportunities.

Explore the power of words with us – your partners in translation and interpretation excellence.

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Experience our imaginative studio, a realm without limits for your creativity. Nestled in Colombo, we blend innovation with a keen aesthetic sense to give life to mesmerizing visuals. Our collective of skilled visual artists, graphic designers, and storytellers collaborate seamlessly, breathing vibrancy into ideas. Whether it’s graphic design, multimedia crafting, or immersive journeys, our studio stands as a creative nucleus, turning concepts into impactful visual narratives. Step inside and witness your ideas transform into compelling visual masterpieces.

At Bootup, we are architects of modern education, committed to bridging the gap between traditional teaching methods and the demands of the digital era. Our mission is to empower educators by providing innovative solutions that foster inclusive, engaging, and forward-thinking educational experiences. Through initiatives such as upskilling programs, interactive course creation, and tech-enhanced resources, we aim to reshape the educational landscape and prepare educators for a rapidly evolving world.

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Grassroots is a dedicated platform that delves deep into the grassroot level in people to comprehend real-time challenges. Our mission involves extending support to small and medium enterprises through mentoring and coaching. In doing so, we spot gaps that need attention, leading us to adopt innovative approaches in shaping capacity-building programs. Recognizing the utmost importance of practical knowledge, we have realized the significance of offering a platform for hands-on application. This strategic move serves as a crucial tool to enhance the skill set of SMEs, ensuring their growth and success.

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Our objectives
Leveraging the innovative spirit of our team members to drive positive change, growth, and competitive advantage as an organization.
Generating and Exploring Ideas

Brainstorming , idea challenging, and dedicating platforms for idea submission our overall goal is to create a diverse pool of potential concepts that align with our objectives.

Idea Validation and Development

Evaluating and validating ideas to determine their feasibility and l impact. We focus on ideas that show promise of further development through research, analysis, and feasibility studies.

Prototyping and Testing

After validating concepts we allow our members to prototype to test the e concept’s functionality, usability, and value.


After successful prototyping and making necessary improvements, we allocate resources, organize teams and integrate the innovation into our processes, products, or services.

“Creativity knows no limits and that's why the creator studio always caters to any creative exploration and interesting solutions to any productions I have come across”

Darshan Prashanth

Lead - Creative Production

"Through the support of CurveUp, I embarked on a journey from educator to entrepreneur, co-creating BootUp—a visionary platform that empowers and uplifts fellow educators. It's a testament to the transformative power of partnership, where dreams take flight and together we build a brighter future for education"

Thapthi Thea Fonseka

Chief Education Officer of Bootup