CurveUp has built their own Learning & Development programmes based on the demand created by their community!
Here’s how students can CurveUp the learning experience with us

Community leadership

Practicing leadership and teamwork qualities through game-based learning and emotional intelligence to adapt in real-life situations.

School – work transition

Preparing students to face the transition from school to work via adopting skills including empathy, communication, problem-solving, etc

Think Ahead

Innovative thinking and ideation allow students to develop problem-solving skills for the betterment of the economy and environment.

Entrepreneurship bootcamp

Instilling the spirit of entrepreneurial thinking on students in the lines of adapting new ideas on to a business model canvas.

Digital Skills

Understand and upskill in digital organization, communication, social media, presentation, and being safe and responsible online.

Doodle notetaking

Learn to note-taking through Doodle with visual impact for deeper learning, better knowledge retention, and integrating information simply.

Presentitude for students

Learning the art of creating digital content through understanding aesthetic appeal in slides, applying simple tools to get the outcome.

Mental health therapy

Therapeutic arts involved in expressing one-self through drawing, painting, colouring, etc, and decode the nonverbal messages


SpeakUp is an 8-week learning process that provides facilitative training, coaching and evaluation to prepare youth in upskilling their delivery techniques with high engagement in a public speaking.

Here are few programmes designed by us for educators to upskill and CurveUp their learning experience!


This is a 1-2-day programme ideal for schoolteachers to enhance hybrid practices allowing them to switch from a physical classroom to a virtual classroom. This training can be customized according to the school’s needs and current technology infrastructure.


This is a 5-day Train the trainer programme for trainers/teachers that includes the debrief and science of hybrid modern classroom practices. The techniques involve pedagogy, technology infusion, digital content creation and the application of DDE practices

Virtual Classroom

This is a Virtual training programme for any Educator who instill changes in the way they design and deliver a Virtual lesson. Participants will be able to learn the best online practices for effective delivery and apply other collaborative tools to drive engagement.

Virtual training for Microsoft education 365

The effective use of Microsoft Education 365 tools for enhanced design and delivery of engaging virtual sessions. This programme can be combined with any of our programmes, where various tools will be adapted for grounding and activities as real-time examples.


The MASTERY training segment will allow educators to maximize engagement of remote participants, gain the skills and confidence to successfully facilitate synchronous learning, and manage the logistics of facilitating virtual learning.


An educator must possess the skills of curating digital content that allows high engagement in any setting. The PRESENTITUDE training session by CurveUp will allow facilitators to design an online session and create the digital content in the right way.


ThinkUp sponsored by CIMA Sri Lanka provides your school with the necessary support and training to inculcate digital leadership for students and upskill teachers to drive more engagement in online classes. Further, training as per your school’s requirement can also be facilitated through this programme.

Here’s how SMEs can CurveUp the learning experience with us:

Being Digital Present

The workshop facilitates entrepreneurs to understand the importance of a digital presence as a Person and as an Enterprise.

Legal Essentials for Enterprises

The workshop is implemented to educate entrepreneurs on legal actions in terms of Registration, Intellectual Property, Contracts and Legal obligations.

Digital Bookkeeping

The workshop educates the entrepreneurs on the mechanism of digital bookkeeping through simple and practical approaches.

Business Strategy for New Normal

The workshop addresses techniques of Strategical Thinking for a timely plan to develop enterprises, with a practical approach to settings strategies.

Breakthrough in Branding

This workshop is implement to streamline the use of creative thinking for branding as an Enterprise.

Motivational Workshop for Entrepreneurs

The workshop is carried out as a motivational storytelling session conducted to deliver the programme to highlight the importance of commitment to strive forward as entrepreneurs.

Digital Growth Hacking

The workshop engages with the areas of expanding enterprise markets on online platforms such as Google My Business, WhatsApp Business, e-commerce platforms etc.

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

A 3 to 5-day camp to inculcate entrepreneurial spirit among youth in response to mitigating social issues.

Business Model Canvas

The workshop provides a step-by-step simplified approach for the SMEs to understand the use of BMCs, and also how they can use it for the scalability of their enterprises.

Online Programs

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